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Heart city the five spices takes off bone braised chicken
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Craft: It is to use burn traditionally, fume, a variety of methods such as crisp, blast, bittern are made and become, clear away tender chicken clean first, go wool, two drumstick backward forked dish enter chamber inside, across is in by cervical blade before double wing dish piece, form lie body, be in the whole body of dish of chicken that good air appears wipes color of divide evenly candy, with blast of boil oily boil, to the fish out when golden color; Put the egg boiler of bottom fine-toothed comb having iron, put the ten flavour spice such as right amount salt, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark, clove, fennel, join " Laoshang " with water, had pressed with the thing, stew 8 hours with conflagration cook over a slow fire, wait for what after air is appeared, can feed.

Characteristic: Configuration is beautiful, huang Li is fully red, soft flesh is tender, faint scent not be bored with, have particularly ripe sodden the marked characteristic that takes off bone.

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