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Flesh of ass of meat and fish dishes
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East the wide forgive county of battalion city has the name with one well-known far and near to eat - - flesh of ass of meat and fish dishes. Flesh of ass of wide forgive meat and fish dishes has long history. The Southern Song Dynasty of according to legend is built phlogistic 2 years (1128) , le An closes completion of audience hall of temple of the Supreme Being, 100 officials collect face congratulate. Over grand banquet, cate is various. Only flesh of ass of meat and fish dishes suffers person favour, be pushed to be the coronal of 100 flavour.

Qing Dynasty treats 12 years together (1873) , flesh of ass of wide forgive meat and fish dishes via the county Cui Moqing recommends the Wu Ju of 11 villages to differ Wu government office and suffer commend to the Ministry of War in feudal China. From this, feng Zhao of flesh of ass of meat and fish dishes brings into room of board of capital palace drive, continue all the time old. Between Guang Xunian, a health promising of 7 gentleman of Qu of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem once arrived wide forgive, he samples pen of the brandish after flesh of ass of meat and fish dishes endows with a poem: Reside abroad capital rides asinine man, rich and powerful family of cold broil of incomplete a thick soup is smooth, do not know asinine flesh beauty in those days, why the thing buckles the door balmy however. Since in those days, the fame of flesh of ass of wide forgive meat and fish dishes leaves in countrywide make public namely. Flesh of 11 villages Home Cui spreads county of authentic wide forgive of out of flesh of ass of wide forgive meat and fish dishes. Cuijia old butcher, accumulated the rich experience that cooks asinine flesh, its make craft also provide characteristic alone. Break abluent asinine flesh chunk first, put right amount water and certain proportional Laoshang are added inside boiler (the soup juice that boils the flesh before) , the buy inside boiler one hop-pocket, potion of medicine of balmy meat and fish dishes is installed inside. Have the ten flavour such as bandit of Bai Zhi, anise, flesh, clove. Formulary dosage is measurable, supplement is exquisite, some adds fragrance, some going to smelling of fish or mutton. Thereafter, urgent fire attack is made 3 hours, begin to inspect fleshy fertilizer thin adopt the measure that divide oil or adds oil. Fleshy fertilizer divides oil from inside soup, the meat is lean add Laoshang or oil plants, it is the flesh and oily scale control from beginning to end inside certain limit. At this moment, shang Zhong only a thin oil covers remnant steam is not easy rising, reoccupy stone presses the flesh soup inside, convert evaporate of slow fire stew 45 hours can. The flesh of ass of meat and fish dishes that just gave boiler shows amaranth, inside and outside is consistent. The flesh is qualitative hard fact but easy mastication, flavour aroma is not fat however. Because of Chinese traditional medicine of the supplement in soup, reason summer fly does not bite bug is not bitten, won't degenerative. When edible, horizontal knife fracture of wire, reveal even flesh to pledge, eye letting a person sees the heart is greedy, be eaten together with rice or bread of in order to or go with wine are the delicate cate of rare.
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