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Liuting pig hoof
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Qingdao Liuting answer fill restaurant, be located in Qingdao Liuting International Airport east measure. "Answer fill " the name is virgin Yu Qingchao last years of a dynasty or reign, the Republic of China is earlier, it is one is apart from today already hundred years manage the old name restaurant when standing. Answer fill restaurant to add craft of modern science and technology and innovation spirit with ancestral secret recipe, development goes the Liuting that suits current people taste " answer fill a card " pig hoof and series product, this product ever was had the honor to win " Qingdao name eats " title, congener product is obtained in congener consumable activity is being obtained in the homebred consumable activity that loves in Qingdao city youth the first, "Answer fill a card " pig hoof with its unique character, won a client approbate and recognition, restaurant every day guest full house, domestic shopper in an endless stream, make much abroad tourist also be attracted even, highly praise " answer fill a card " pig hoof is " the world the first hoof " .

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