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Face banquet of Qu complete sheep
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The name that face Qu eats, traceable Qing Dynasty is acting, in palace the development on the foundation of complete sheep banquet rises. The city that face Qu has place of business of a food, renown " De Shunlou " , cook hotpot is celebrated Qi Lu. Ever had at that time " green administrative division swims, mo Guode arranges a building " say. Chef of classics past dynasties disentombs innovation, no matter dish tastes a characteristic, still be cook craft, already made complete sheep banquet had his style. Was judged to be by office of Shandong province trade 1997 " Shandong name is fastfood " . "Complete sheep banquet " it is trunk of basis complete sheep of departmental musculature distributing different, with different cook method, make color, form, flavour, sweet all sorts of dish of each different, and the name of the coronal with good fortune as one wishes, complete sheep banquet. Although fasten complete sheep, do not have ovine name however. Part of the door that be like dragon, collect glossy ganoderma, Shuang Fengcui to wait, a sheep does dish 80 a variety of. In make, knife work is careful, flavor fastidious, scamper is smooth, explode, burn, stew, stew, cook over a slow fire, fry, mellow and not be bored with, have the characteristic such as delicacy of moderate of soft makings, delicate, taste, fragile tender bright. Choose ovine body to each parts are done and be become " complete Yang Shang " , acerbity hot hemp is sweet, clear element not the smell of mutton. Wait for make it with eye, ear, tongue, heart bright open night to close, with the wind fan, greet exquisite of sweetgrass, 5 blessing, eight saints go across the sea wait for dish, qualitative fragile and tender, delicious form is odd, each provide characteristic. The characteristic of complete sheep banquet is element has the smell of mutton, those who feed is goluptious, local color is distinctive on serving program first cool postheat, first hoof of the sheep after ovine head, go up among Lenten.

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