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A thick soup of Li of ox hair sea
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Trailing plants of sea of name of ox hair dish, belong to red alga door. Its color, form is like ox hair after insolation, reason gets local name. This kind of dish contains many card to pull glue, agglutinant very big, not only but edible, also be industrial raw material. On the rock that ox hair dish takes between tide, local collects his to bask in dry keep in storage in midwinter of the nine periods following the winter solstice more, do Shang Cai fully; Piece " 9 " hind, ox hair does not fight duration, heat to be become namely sizy, and the flavour that do not have delicacy. In coating have not in the days of make inquires, fishing housekeeping money is hot ripe when sizy, match wall of wall of stucco of in order to of powdery the sliding weight of a steelyard; Farmhouse papers paper crock with its or wipe clothes of quilt, oar.

Ox hair dish matchs sea Li child, a thick soup of soup of make it of very light blue, garlic, caraway, not acerbity, do not stick, not slippery, solution be bored with, appetizing, flavor is unique, it may be said " the coronal of soup a thick soup " . Drink rise to always have the feeling with abdomen full not full key point.

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