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Qingdao meal introduces
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Qingdao teems with the rare holothurian, scallop, abalone, conch, large prawn, fish that add auspicious to wait, this decided the characteristic that Qingdao cooking gives priority to with choice seafood raw material. Banquet has traditional Qingdao to be paid attention to certainly, have commonly " 416 " , "428 " norms. The order of serving asks first cold postheat, first Xian Houtian, every banquet has a fish surely, not holothurian do not calculate great place. Eat seafood to want to see season, spring and summer are best season, let you eat so that also do not want to eat the flesh again absolutely. Also want caution of course, have a lot of tourist the temptation that because do not endure seafood,Qingdao goes to first, eat too much, result... (can be imagined) .

Qingdao has the seafood great place of northward characteristic, the gust that also has all sorts of Shandong characteristic is fastfood. Cooked wheaten food blots out the sky and cover up the earth, dumpling steam is boiling. Massiness of northward cate taste, need good digestive ability. Qingdao name hutch gathers, concentration of delicacies of every kind, have again praise full global Qingdao beer and be eaten together with rice or bread of Lao hill mineral spring, flavor is really wonderful!

Qingdao place gust can be appreciated in fastfood street fastfood, here has the god-given fun in old hotel. "Kindling courtyard " be located in the Jiang Ning road between Zhongshan road, Heibei road, it is the fastfood street with famous Qingdao. Street of cate of the center in still having road of market of barley island seafood, the sky besides, collect a spring street of street of fastfood street, double star engorge, father-in-law road barbecue, Chang'an feeds a street to wait, assemble all directions gust, it is the heaven of epicure.

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