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Yellow rice or millet wine of village of Zi rich king and mature vinegar
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King village yellow rice or millet wine is main it is raw material with handpick red Gu Mi, ferment with the special method that make old brew and become. Wine fluid shows palm Brown, odour pleasant is sweet aromatic, full-bodied and downy, this wine has constant drink easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood, filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, dehumidify of dispel the wind, promote metabolic function. Still can do Chinese traditional medicine recipe or as auxiliary beverage, ache to lumbar leg acid, coma of bones and muscles, woman classics blood is not moved, the disease such as postpartum lochia has apparent curative effect. At that time folk, woman " confined " during, yellow rice or millet wine is indispensable nourishing beautiful is tasted.

King village mature vinegar is as eponymous as king village yellow rice or millet wine place special local product. Because Wang Cun brews the mill of yellow rice or millet wine to do vinegar, because mature vinegar of this king village has its particular distinguishing feature. King village vinegar is main raw material with high grade sorghum, add Mai Qu to ferment with traditional method, it is burden with yellow rice or millet wine old brew and become. Acetic fluid shows palm Brown, odour fragrance. Full-bodied and full-bodied, acidity is tall and without excitant.

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