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Fierce city cake
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Craft: Put flour the basin above all inside, add water and into flexible scale, pork cuts man. Green chop. Leek is mincing. Add diced meat, green, leek salt of Chinese prickly ash, sesame-seed oil mixes together stuffing. Divide the face of become reconciled 5 next, roll of one by one triangularly, place meat stuffing cent on triangular face skin, furl and twist with both hands, diameter of roll of axis of reoccupy young timber becomes 7 inches cake. Had better put the cake with good roll in the bake in a pan in griddle to come after showing yellow, take out, a clean broken tile fragment or cobble are put in cake Ao, cake superpose, a peanut oil is brushed on cake, build good lid, conduct heat through broken tile fragment or cobble roast, break up a few times more, want to brush oil every time, bake ripe take out.

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