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Zhu Cheng hot silk child
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Producing area: All Chinese Shandong cities

Craft: Will fresh and tender hot a knot in one's heart is abluent flay, cut clement all paper-thin filament, press 25:1scale mixes on refined salt. With the turnip piece the bottom of porcelain altar container that enclothes abluent disinfection reachs 4 walls, again hot silk child mincing into squeezing ramming, enter 1:1vinegar, add cool boiled water comes flood, put right amount balm, put water of Chinese prickly ash, fennel by taste. Seal good altar mouth. Winter 1-2 week can open altar to take feed.
Characteristic: Have acerbity, hot, sweet, sweet, delicate tastily, carry magic power to enrage, stomachic, it is be eaten together with rice or bread of go with wine.

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