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Eat to cheat hill in short for the Yihe River
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Ruffian chicken: It is to pay a 3 brother classics old research and practice, made up the chicken that comprises by material of 13 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine to expect, cheat hill careless chicken choicely, part with firewood flourishing fire is fried with Wen Huo boil and become, flavour is delicious, and have the effect of easy muscle invigorate the circulation of blood.

Bunny head: Choose head of annual feral hare, be boiled with boil of special type burden and become, feed but hairdressing, but be good at head, for favour of broad tourist place.

Cheat hill complete sheep: The black goat that uses Meng Shan to put in a suitable place to breed and unconscious landscape are raw material, with Meng Shan fire boils Chai Wang to make and be become. Unconscious goat eats Meng Shan 100 grass, person unconscious goat is again " 100 careless red " , have the effect of a variety of fitness.

Cheat hill thin pancake made of millet flour: Use high grade millet and soja, deserve to wait for material with right amount sesame seed, walnut, earthnut, big jujube, carrot, use traditional handiwork to craft refines and be become, contain a variety of protein, adipose, carbohydrate, carotene, vitamin to wait, soft of crisp fritter of thin pancake made of millet flour, old little all appropriate.

Unconscious hill complete scorpion is belonged to arthropod, teem with Yu Meng between hill, fall at ground lasher, flag habitat, annual Qiu Mo enters winter sleep, around of Pure Brightness of spring of the coming year gives hibernate, night of day hot season, with the insect kind for food, posture is magnificent, disposition is feral. Introduce according to medical expert, nonlocal scorpion whole body has 6 claw only, and particular Yimeng's a mountainous area scorpion whole body 8 claw, add clamp of a pair of chela again, in all 10 claw, get a name so " unconscious hill complete scorpion " . From of old, as a result of " short for the Yihe River cheats complete scorpion " have drive poison, prevent the cancer, surprise effect that treat a disease and celebrated China and foreign countries. "Complete scorpion of deepfry unconscious hill " cate of special local product of more unconscious hill, curiosa.

Meng Shanyuan leaves modern industry, the persimmon on hill, Chinese chestnut, wild dawdle, hawkthorn is natural food, also be very good gift beautiful is tasted, the unconscious hill the tuber of elevated gastrodia, ginseng that cheat hill, the tuber of multiflower knotweed, glossy ganoderma, Asian puccoon, Forsythia suspensa is very good Chinese traditional medicine cordial.

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