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Face of father-in-law bean curd
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Craft: Above all the tangent plane that noodle had better become with artificial roll. After burning caldron boil, will thoroughly cook inside the boiler below noodle again, fish out fills 5 bowls in. Put in peanut oil inside round-bottomed frying pan next, burn to 7 into heat, join the bean curd man that has cut, scamper accuses oil to fish out of the yellow that show gold; Liver mosses dish is abluent cut paragraph; Agaric is abluent and lacerate; Bamboo shoot section, section of wild rice stem. The float in boiling water all is being put outside dividing bean curd crosses fish out. Bean sprouts soup is put in final boiler, join dish of bean curd man, liver mosses paragraph, agaric, bamboo shoot piece, wine of wild rice stem, carry on, soy, refined salt, the egg that has hit agitate after boil asperses Shang Zhong, make its become broken egg piece, reoccupy wet starch ticks off Gorgon euryale, add gourmet powder, drip Chinese prickly ash is oily. Irrigate soup bittern to noodle become namely inside the bowl.

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