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Head of hare of braise in soy sauce (Shandong is fastfood)
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Head of hare of golden unconscious braise in soy sauce is Meng Yin the place is fastfood, of the person that feed love. This dish chooses 3-4 head of bunny of lunar age carnivorous and more than kinds of 10 Meng Shanchun material of natural Chinese traditional medicine, become through fire of more than kinds of 10 working procedure. Its characteristic is, taste hemp is hot flavour of salty delicacy, flesh distinctive, colour and lustre is inviting, and have grow take a tonic to build up health colour, be good at head the effect of bright eye.

Head of hare of braise in soy sauce eats a law to pay attention to: The desk on hare head is broken first, cheek eats after eating a tongue first, feed black rim of the eye again later, gouge of final hare head comes.

This product already national registered trade mark, interlink manage.

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