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Bank the Hu Jishu of Hui Min county meets the city
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Hu Ji, it is benefit civilian county (Gu Weiwu decides government office) a market town with the biggest southeast, the traditional Chinese calendar 2, 7 market day, annual the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 12 the head that is Spring Festival hind a large part, this day begins to hold book of the Lantern Festival to meet surely. Hu Jishu is met from yuan face is arisen, to the acme at the beginning of Qing Dynasty, all the time follow up to now, already had the history of 700 one's remaining years.

The section before meeting cent is the book, section, slant section. Exemple the book when 12 market day can begin calm the first month of the lunar year. The first month of the lunar year ten before, come from city of rich of heart city, Hui Min, Jinan, Zi, Yantai, dark blue, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Tang Shan, Beijing, Tianjin, inside the storytelling of and other places of unconscious, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Henan actor, taking musical instrument and bedding, in twos and threes gathers Hu Ji, lover of quyi of a few amateurish subsequently and arrive, come loose to be in on the town in each hotel. Art people comes in Hu Ji's road, on the way storytelling make a living as a performer, this is called " before section " . The first month of the lunar year 12 big early, each storytelling person comes to collect, place next booth, pull a banner to hang out one's shingle, come on stage severally display art. In the morning 10 when, rise from all directions of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, firecracker salvo, the book can begin formally, arrive all the time by this day the first month of the lunar year 16, for " section " .

There is the first month of the lunar year during this 15 festival of lanternses, local folk still has run dragon lantern, do the yangko dance, step on stilt, carry the traditional and artistic performance such as fuse, variety, wushu, the book can achieve a climax. The book is met during the section, the show ask a price of actor is top. The music on the meeting plants the book rich and varied, have on the west book of story-telling of quick-patter of tom-tom of river tom-tom, board tom-tom, bamboo writing on blackboard, storytelling, Bohai Sea, Shandong, Shandong, a percussion instrument made of bamboo. The farmer of bourg loves Orphean book particularly near Hu Ji, one big early rise hear of a book, surround storytelling person the three-layer outside getting li of three-layer.

Each village expedites adept person to be able to go up to the book the program that carries pitch on meaning, invite actor to be sung to this village again, pay pay by this village person. From the first month of the lunar year 12 evening rise, in succession a few days, of each village mix by day there is actor a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing in the evening, if host is persuaded to stay, actor continues a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing goes down, if host does not stay, actor drives the first month of the lunar year again the large part book of seventeen is met. Come 21 days from seventeen days, call " slant section " , slant after the section passes, the book is met talent empty after the show. During the book is met, art people pays a New Year call each other, commutative booklist, compare notes craft, receive apprentice to do obeisance to division, extremely rich Le Qunjing industry drive. After the book can come loose, actor people on the way make a living as a performer returns, immediately following in time year of the first month of the lunar year 12, art people gets together again from far and near.
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