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The common saying of old Jinan
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"Old Jinan " the dialect that not only a lot of foreigner are understood hard, the common that still has a few extraordinary says. Fine fine consider these common say, feel quite interesting.

The Jinan person of old times says to certain goods name call a law very special, be like: "Egg " do not call an egg, cry " chicken child " ; "Yam " do not call yam, cry " pachyrhizus " ; "Earthnut " do not call earthnut, cry " long fruit " ; "Steamed bread " do not call a steamed bread, cry " steamed bun steamed bun " ; "Deep-fried twisted dough sticks " do not call deep-fried twisted dough sticks " ? ? Child " ; "Corn " do not call corn " maize " ; "Tomato patch " do not cry tomato patch " ground egg " ; "Caraway " do not call caraway, cry " coriander " ; "Hawkthorn " do not call hawkthorn " acerbity short " ; "Soy spiral shell " criterion common is called " clam La You child " . Factitious what calls a law so as to Jinan, I had studied without development, but I think nothing more than it is for good read aloud (be like chicken child) , according to appearance (be like long fruit) reach grow characteristic (like pachyrhizus) and established by usage. Although, this kind calls a law to already did not see more in communal circumstance nowadays, but still can hear constantly with folk in the depth of lane.

Jinan person says foreign goods to exotic common, had matches, imported oil, rickshaw, cabbage so (cabbage) , foreign persimmon (tomato) call a law. In Jinan, steamed stuffed bun has big, small fraction, boiled dumpling common calls small steamed stuffed bun, evaporate wraps common to weigh big steamed stuffed bun, of usual size steamed stuffed bun call law basis the circumstance and decide, do not have usually " big, small " the cent that calls a law. Jinan person is used to " radio " say for " play box " , " vitreous ball " those who say for " smooth smooth egg " , " balloon " say for " foreign aubergine " , " toilet " say for " latrine " , " tonsorial " say for " have one's head shaved " , sleep use " pillow " say for " fabaceous pillow " .

Write down so that in one's childhood my spy loves to play, that days does not have what homework, after school time imp of our a gang is not to draw out " domestic sparrow " (spadger) , catch namely " Ting Ting " (dragonfly) ; Do not reachcapture " locust " (locust) , stick namely " burn sparrow " (cicada) ; Not be to angle " toad " (frog) , put namely " pigeon " (dove) ; Not be to fight " Qu Qu " (cricket) , raise namely " i of g u ā child " (Guo Guo) , of course, our wh whoever also does not like " crow " (crow) . That days, we all the day valence is not gotten idle, work thoroughly everyday, can not know to read namely study, want to play in those days nowadays those " the flower is vivid " , although also extremely, but stay really have many regrets.

Chinese especially northerner is opposite generally " child " be interested, what father, son, grandchildren, what Confucius, Mencius, Han Fei child etc. Old Jinan person is right " child " apply be interested more it seems that, more extensive. Jinan person is used to be in after name of a few article on compose not only " child " , be like a car (bicycle) , quilt (quilt) , floor eraser (mop) etc, still be used to what weigh ball-pen be " dumpling pen (b ē i ) " , do it even Jinan person proud, the Bao with famed the world dash forward spring, old Jinan person also is what its common says " Bao child spring " .
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