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Bank state climate and other natural phenomena of a season is consuetudinary
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Bank the climate and other natural phenomena of a season that state city crosses is consuetudinary cardinal principle and whole nation are consistent, basically have:

One, the Spring Festival (at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar one) for a year the grandest traditional holiday holiday. The door is strung together to pay a New Year call when day break.

2, the festival of lanterns, say to go up again yuan of section, the Lantern Festival, churchyard passes 3 days mostly, the lamp is exhibited etc can hold, hu Jishu is met also amid.

3, tomb-sweeping day, common says " cold feed " , ban fireworks before today, eat cold drinks and snacks, tomb-sweeping day eats an egg, pay respects to sb at his tomb adds ancestor of earthy hold a memorial ceremony for.

4, dragon boat festival, the traditional Chinese calendar says to will carry midday in May, farmhouse lintel inserts Ai Zhi, the Tie Aihu on the door, with poison of barrier acute communicable diseases, doctor of Hunan of this day of grieve that it is hold a memorial ceremony for bends upright midday former and set,

5, at the beginning of June one, rural common says " cross half an year " , do cooked wheaten food with new wheat area, also have kill Niu Zaiyang, fete and of ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for.

6, on July 7, say again 7 artful day. It is fokelore is medium " cowboy Girl Weaver " encountering day, it is nocturnal woman old melon and fruit at court, do aperture of colour building, thread a needle, call establish beg artful.

7, July 15, say again " spirit division " , churchyard is in more will wrap dumpling on July 14, set melon and fruit and mug-up, family member of decease of hold a memorial ceremony for.

8, midautumn section, it is the 2nd outside dividing the Spring Festival main festival. The family feeds moon cake to beg reunion. Add up to a happy get-together, eat wine to enjoy the glorious full moon.

9, off year, say again " demit kitchen " , after sending kitchen, every family general cleaning, in order to show get rid of the old to make way for the new, greet the Spring Festival.

10, the New Year's Eve, every family sticks spring festival scrolls, hang New Year picture, dumpling of evaporate New Year cake, bag, put firecracker, ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for and heaven and earth all " god " , stay up late or all night on New Year's Eve.

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