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The countryside Yang Jiabu of New Year picture
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"There is Yang Jiabu first on the world, just give birth to kitchen king father later. " circulate although this conclusion of folk is a little exaggerative, village of port of Home Dan Yang produces " kitchen king pursues " having profound lot with common people other people really however. Every arrive the end of the year of the traditional Chinese calendar, people coming loose king of new kitchen range " please " into the home, next king of will old kitchen range " send " God, request favour of its God character, in order to protect nether annual restful. This kind consuetudinary already continued how to long cannot observe and study, can be located in the Yang Jiabu village of area of cold booth of Wei lane city, it is however since ancient times because produce New Year picture and of Yu Shiwen name. (graph: This piece of clear acting palette is the cherished tradition of home of Yang Luo book. )
Axiomatic face begins, yang Jiabu has village history account in chorography. It is one draws near at that time the hamlet of market town falls, although classics vicissitudes of life, village dimensions changes however not quite, up to now completely village door number does not heal 300. "Domestic home draws inn, everybody draws labour " it is the characteristic that this village already formed hundreds years ago. Be in early Ming Daihong fierce year, here poplar surname actor begins to create xylograph artwork. To quiet day, the ability law of New Year picture of block of Home Yang port attain at maturity, scale craft achieved the degree of high degree of professional proficiency, artistic style careful is plain. From this, production of New Year picture forms an industry, dimensions and output year after year are patulous. Later period of quiet day Qianlong, home Yang port already had " a hunderd schools that draw example, new Year picture 1000 kinds, picture edition is counted " praise.

After 1949, local government gives aid to development New Year picture is produced actively, hold water case " Yang Jiabu New Year picture improves committee " , organize actor to undertake disentombing making an on-the-spot investigation to archaic craft, be in former the treatment on the foundation, reform, innovation. "The Great Cultural Revolution " during, course of study of New Year picture is played havoc with, picture edition is destroyed, picture person changes his profession, produce complete halt. Since 1978, person of Home Yang port returns to old trade, establish a company of New Year picture and institute of New Year picture, the artistic category that is close to this be lost undertakes rescue sex arrange, restored the traditional pattern of individual production New Year picture, the artistic quality that the picture tastes and crop achieved the nearly hundred years best level that come.

Now, the wood-block New Year picture that Yang Jiabu produces times suffer compatriots to love, its market is vaster and vaster. Outside saving each county town originally except Shandong, north arrives Heilongjiang, catchment of the Yangtse River comes south, east Da Liaodong peninsula, westerly is jumped over continuously too travel hill a gleam of saves city, the flourishing that all is New Year picture of Home Yang port sells the ground.
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