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Qingdao gives birth to ceremony folk-custom
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Bearing children is the greatest desire of husband and wife, also be the big happy event of a family. Be in Qingdao folk, the woman is pregnant should say " be pregnant " or " must be fond of " the baby is born should say " add happy event " , to relatives and friends deferent birth information says " announce good news " , relatives and friends comes round to congratulate say " look happy event " . Additional, still have drink wedding feast, eat happy face, evaporate to be fond of pastry, send happy egg to wait a moment, happy word almost permeate is worn every process that the woman bears.

- > action happy event

After pregnant woman labors in safety, the first thing that should do in the home is " carry red " hang a red cloth on the gate namely, child of annunciate countryside adjacent had been born in safety. And other places is in Lai even on the west one peach branch is hanged on house door, there are green, jujube and chestnut with red line on peach branch, implied meaning child will come acute hearing (green) bright, early (jujube) day gets married stand (chestnut) course of study. "Carry red " the action that removing announce good news actually. The baby is born that day or the following day, husband wants to announce good news to mother-in-law home personally, because female and unripe schoolboy is different,rubber administrative division takes the time of announce good news, unripe male it is the 3rd day, advocate female it is the 6th day. 500 grams are taken when announce good news (namely L jin) heavy steamed bread 20, a married woman's parents' home stays entirely, farewell sends egg, millet and child diaper, garment to be waited for. Countryside adjacent people see " carry red " hind, go to puerpera home actively namely congratulate on a happy occasion, common says " look jubilate " , " send Shang Mi " , gift is egg and brown sugar more.

- > pass 3 days

Add the 3rd day of happy event, pass to the baby " 3 days " , want fete to kiss friend to eat happy face, drink wedding feast, send happy egg to countryside adjacent home even, send 6 commonly or 9. Be fond of an egg is the egg of incarnadine, namely the other people that Chinese ink takes unripe boy delimits on happy egg red Lun; Of unripe girl nod on happy egg red bit. Make the same score degree of and other places to still go to alternate happy a face this a group of things with common features each, congratulate jointly familial add Xin Ding again.

Giving the child to name also is " pass 3 days " a content, infant name (pet name) it is more had risen ahead of schedule by the elder such as grandparent or parents, announce to relatives and friends in this day, the formal name since the person that teacher or literacy solution article ask when enter a school (name) .

In the past, the boy is a name with lucky word more, be like big expensive, long rich, will arrange, have money; The girl is a name with season flowers more, be like plum of Chun Lan, Qiu Ju, Gui Xiang, winter. Some names child some kind of desire that placing parents, give even what give birth to a few girls to hope to have a boy more be called since the child " action younger brother " , " get younger brother " , " long for younger brother " , " add younger brother " etc; Be afraid that the child dies young to cry " tarry " or " dog remnant " etc. After founding a state, a lot of names work to contain times colour, if found a state, found an army, build company, Wei Dong to wait. Nowadays, people gives the child to remove more renown child, divide infant name, formal name no longer, like the full name of two words more again. The hour just overlaps the name, friend of the Ling that be like Ling, friend, osmund osmund, Rong Rong.
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