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Talk about a city to live consuetudinary
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Clear minor details comes during the Republic of China, great disparity of residence of urban and rural dweller. The home of business of town superstratum gentry, the room abandons form a complete set of be particular about, cent advocate room, match room, sitting room, study, gatehouse to wait. The form has 2 to enter a courtyard, 3 enter a courtyard or set a thing two courtyards. An arch over a gateway is lofty and broad, shuang Qiao removing backbone, greeting the door is screen wall, be engraved for the brick more on or write " blessing " or " birthday " wait for model of written characters. The person that have a scholarly honour and official rank, l of lion of stone of before the door or so buy is right; The person that do not have a scholarly honour and official rank, also have stone of mount a horse or rock beat. Dooryard is lesser, backyard is bigger. The room austral dooryard is a sitting room, screen door of boreal house buy, with backyard (2 into the courtyard) be interlinked. Backyard is living courtyard, mansion goes out before boreal room has, stay have back door, or by boreal room two side are led to 3 into the courtyard. 3 call free from worries the courtyard again into the courtyard, build have kitchen, toilet. Some 3 set a study into the courtyard, call a study the courtyard again. Set a thing two courtyards person, building modelling very much the same, two-phase is symmetrical, the courtyard gives priority to a room east. Building design pays attention to A beautiful and solid, foundations of stone build by laying bricks or stones, wall of blue bricks base, the tile that 4 tips have deer, Lin, dragon, tiger, flowers, lucky character with vulture decorates room backbone. The home of town well-off, live more siheyun. Compound Founder, advocate the room is in north, live for elder, thing wing-room under principal rooms, live for children generation, the room is a sitting room south, the gate has corridor, the two side outside the door have stone of mount a horse. The house mixes a structure for brick, stone, adobe, stake more. Traditional housing is multi-purpose Mu Leng, board does door window. Daylighting aerates, heat preservation performance is poorer. The home with poor town lives more pallet low room is narrow house, 3 generation one room. The building is built for oneself more go to, with Xi Weibi, it is a top with grass, bricky stone is pressed object, the winter does not hibernate, summer do not block heat.

After founding a state, the old-style bungalow of town old the city zone is much already renovate, traditional siheyun is not reconstructive already, after pallet housing is demolished, built dweller house building. The dweller likes the building of unit whole set, bedroom, medium the facility such as hall, kitchen, toilet, central heating is complete. Small town dweller loves only door alone the bungalow of the courtyard. Be in a country, farmer convention lodgings is in the majority with siheyun, live with the big family of hall by 3 generation. Room of north of ordinary other people 3 occasional 5, sit south the Northern Dynasties. Principal rooms (main rooms) , live by elder; Thing house is two occasional each 3, under boreal house, live by junior or make warehouse; South house 1 ~ piles up firewood holds a kitchen concurrently 2 times; Column circle is set in southwest corner, hold a toilet concurrently for raising cattle; The gate is received south house leaves in southeast border, it is an arch over a gateway or corridor commonly two kinds of forms; The face each other inside the courtyard has screen wall; There is courtyard wall join to close between the building. Old-style housing is building construction more flat-roofed room. Because each district is earthy and different,have a variety of methods building a room such as adobe of mud of tamper earth, battlements, base. Rich domestic housing is bricky timberwork more, blue bricks small tile, metope housetop is green gray. Rich door " 4 rooms " completely. Poverty door criterion the style is differ. Boreal room is 5, among 3, both ends each L cell, common says " 2 man carry hill " , deserve additionally to slant room, fasten 3 more. Boreal room is 3 more, two dark one bright, cook among, the person lives between the thing. Two bright one dark person, bright live the person cooks, inner room puts a thing. Boreal room 4 person, have one cell directly, the others is interlinked 3 times. 3 when be interlinked, two are become without partition bright, housetop has wooden joist support to hold in the palm, another next door is become in. 3 when be interlinked live person, the cell on the edge puts a thing. Branny mud of wheat straw of flat-roofed roof mud or wheat.
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