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Cao city lantern show
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Annual the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 15 days night, decorate with lanterns and streamers wants on the high street inside He lustre city, dot flower blowouts, hold the variety lantern show with royal dimensions. See people bring along with the young and the old only at the appointed time, bend city and piece, in the lamp sea that cruise takes at numerous festoon, gesticulate, click of the tongue says to praise, view lamp is guessed fan, joyous song laughs language, the Cao city colored lantern that this is a tradition is met grand occasion. Assist of a folk song: "The first month of the lunar year 15 months bright, view lamp entered Cao Zhou, step by step rays of morning or evening sunshine step by step colour, still enter rosy clouds elfland in. " Cao city colored lantern is met only then Cheng Yuqing Qianlong year, hold the position of by the person of sainted turn around, undertake preparatory. Festive lantern items is various, divide static lamp roughly, move the lamp, "Word light " 3 kinds. All sorts of colored lantern, do manual work is careful, suit both refined and popular tastes. And majolica, stripe is straightforward. Or static or move, imply is boundless, show Lu Xina to take life interest of people and disposition feature.

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