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Folk-custom of Qingdao birthday present
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Be in Qingdao folk, after 50 years old ability hold a birthday party (say 50 years old before " cross birthday " ) , after 50 years old it is one old age 10 every years. Old times, when rich other people celebrates birthday for the old person, children, relatives and friends should send birthday a large, birthday couplet or Shou Bing, also have those who give noodles eaten on one's birthday, peaches offered as a birthday present and birthday star chart. Write more on couplet of birthday a large, birthday " blessing is like the East China Sea, the hill austral birthday comparing " wait for Zhu Ci. When powwow, junior even to congratulate on sb's birthday of old person worship on bended knees, common says " congratulate an elderly person on his birthday " . Average farmer does not celebrate birthday, improve the life to congratulate in order to show only.

Qing Shoushi has a lot of " exquisite " , still suffer a person to take seriously nowadays. When living to be 100 years old like the old person, also can say only " wish a respectful form of address for an old person 99 years old old age " , because " hundred years " the limit that is person life, hundred years later, mean a person gone already. Return some when the old person is in 73 years old or 84 years old celebrate birthday, do not wish to say actual age, 100 should say less or say 1 year old more, because folk has " 73, 84, hades does not call him to go " view. This is concerned with aperture, Meng Ersheng actually, because Confucius lives to be 73 years old, the Mencius dies 84 years old, people thinks these two age are life " col " , lian Sheng is entered cannot escape, the common people what is more,the rather that common people? On birthday present, macrobian wine, macrobian face always wants to eat, but stick congee to cannot be drunk however, because have " birthday was drunk stick congee, all one's life muddleheaded " say.

In last few years, no matter city or country celebrate birthday, cross birthday consuetudinary very be current, dan Liyi already simplified more. Relatives and friends sends birthday wine, cake, fete of filial Yu Jiazhong, lift a happy get-together one case, celebrate birthday for the old person.

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