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Dress talking about a city is consuetudinary
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Churchyard dweller dress advocates wide fat comfortable system, simple and easy. Clear minor details civilian first, the upper circles such as squire wealthy businessman wears long gown of left the front of a Chinese garment which buttons on the right more, coat mandarin jacket, dai Gong carries cap of melon skin small cap or terai, skin on the head. Rural dweller wears the dress of pure cotton coarse cloth of manual spin more. Summer of colour and lustre is white, palm more or produce color of violet beautiful cotton oneself; It is black, blue, gray more in the winter, design all is traditional Chinese style, comfortable and corpulent, wear convenient. Trousers is pants of big crotch of close lightly waist more, jacket is male a kind of Chinese-style jacket with buttons down the front, female the front of a Chinese garment which buttons on the right commonly, old age does not divide a men and women to all be A Chinese-style unlined garment of the front of a Chinese garment which buttons on the right in, it is male left front of a garment, female right front of a garment commonly, the garment is buckled for " garlic a knot in one's heart " , the winter wears pants of gown of cotton-padded jacket, cotton, vent in the sides of a garment, old age plunges into a leg with cloth belt in, fillet terai head or 3 skins cap. Young woman wears Gao Zhi to get A Chinese-style unlined garment of right edge opening front of a garment more, shoe of pants of broad leg edge, embroider. Adornment has eardrop, bracelet, give up child, hairpin child, corollaceous etc. Young intellectual happy event wears unlined long gown or uniform. Dress of wealthy businessman, gent with blue, white to pure colors. Its material is more woven cotton cloth, silken, damask, gauze, hemp. Infant and young woman are much red, green wait for color, but material basically is coarse cloth. Wear oneself to be done oneself more, charge for the making of sth. is coarser also.

After founding a state, as economic development, beg the new, dress idea that begs the United States to be formed stage by stage. 50 time, jacket of male and female has Zhongshan to take, national defence is taken, the youth is taken, Lenin is taken, the man wears emancipatory cap, the woman cheats scarf. But the traditional informal clothes of the coarse cloth material that the old people in majority still is used to wearing manual tailor. Little trouser legs of the popularity at the beginning of 60 time, hind popular old trouser legs. "The Great Cultural Revolution " during, the dress with original design is regarded as " bizarre dress " , grass green military uniform becomes fashionable clothing in the youth. After this, national defence of grass green, blue, gray is taken, army cap, the men and women is plastic base fabric shoe, plastic sandal, slipper is in town, rural area is vast for popularity. 1979 in order to collect, as reforming and opening, life of urban and rural dweller rises increasingly, dress design collects more exquisite more, urban and rural difference narrows gradually. The material of dress, design, design and color is novel with each passing day and prosperous, medium, high-grade dress is more and more welcome. The dweller is done oneself no longer commonly wear oneself, mostly finished product of choose and buy or buy makings treatment. Except traditional pure cotton cloth and silk, all sorts of chemical fiber reach blending fabrics be the rage, the medium, high-grade dress such as hemp, wool, eider down and fur, leatheroid is in town dweller times suffer favour. Jacket of traditional Chinese style and all sorts of uniforms, emancipatory cap except still have in urban and rural old people outside appareling, gown of old-style straight crotch pants, cotton, long gown has fallen into disuse. Urban and rural young men and women goes after the ethos day of modern design to fill. Trendy and popular rhythm accelerates dress apparently. In men and women of urban and rural youth, popular dress shoe cap has business suit, kit, jacket, biscuit to take, eider down is taken, woollen sweater, knitting underwear, wool uniform, wool pants of skirt of gram of coat of outfit of coat, cowboy, fur, billfold, dress, suit, straight canister, flared trousers, , socks of socks of various woolen goods, silk of long canister polyamide fibber. Various handbag and glove are more popular also in town youth woman. Young woman wears the consuetudinary day of necklace, eardrop, ring to fill in, male youth adorns ring person not rarely seen also. But bullion the person that wait for tall quality of a material is less, it is more alloy, copper, aureate, silver-gilt etc. Watch is regarded as a kind to act the role of by young men and women more article wear generally, happy event of male and female is worn become angry glasses person day is much.
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