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Town god - land - kitchen king
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Be in China, always the city of prefectural class above has town god's temple, consecrate is worn the local official that represents government office of ground of Cao of one class shade -- town god as form of a address for an official or rich man, because town god as form of a address for an official or rich man,the concern of as daily as common people life spreads the most closely most. Take the place of in ancient times on China and a form of a address for an official or rich man without town god, also do not have town god's temple, counteract company spirit belief to change trains is changed and come from the 8 gods of candle hold a memorial ceremony for. Before liberating, there is town god's temple in sunshine city, Ju state city,

The 8 gods of candle hold a memorial ceremony for are: Xian Se, Si Se, farming, tiger of mail watch, cat, lane, Shui Yong, insect. Among them the back wall that lane is a building, shui Yong is urine channel, these two kinds of belief are the predecessor of town god. Still do not have wholer urban structure in ancient time probably, in arrive from bourg in development process of the city, the construction of the wall of the building and barrel-drain and city is most close, look from appearance, besides the road that traffic uses, the content that the city builds also has wall and ditch only, so the occurrence of town god's temple, be the result that urban construction develops. Its are ecclesiastical, what just also bless the solid, ditch of the wall at first probably is expedite, because this is in,the old hall upper part that town god as form of a address for an official or rich man is hanged have " the city that protect bless " plaque, enough is card. Come to just perform melt into gradually later the local official of Acheron city. According to superstitious view, the thing such as the lawsuit that town god father is the dweller in city of canal of superintend and director, dispute that handles the rich and the poor of civilian good and evil and birth, the person died to want to report for duty there town god father above all, go again next north group.

Town god belief appears in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, it is civilian belief right now, have not the function that emergence guards city. Arrived when Sui Tang acting, the belief of town god already had stop pluvial pray fine, even manpower of have the aid of and river spirit appearance are fought, make city whole, right now the function of town god expanded, communicate with the person, can aid be apt to to divide evil.

Arrive when the Five Dynasties, the town god father of each district began to have a date. To Song Daishi, size city had town god's temple, town god god was become have heart at civilian, the ghosts and gods of country of deserve well of. Town god father must have the official of have rendered great service to hold the position of, like Xiao He, model add, fill baby has done town god god. Ming Daichu, seal town god god greatly, treat local grade by place and decide the grade of town god god, ask the government office of the organizational system of town god's temple and this world, city, county, defend treat place identical. As a result of devotional to town god praise highly, the position that also makes town god magical rises rose, administer the thing is increasing also. Always gone person, be in Acheron the thing of li of good and evil in the life, put in town god 's charge to a form of a address for an official or rich man administer. The thing that cannot solve in official of this world place especially, town god father can be solved. Nowadays town god's temple not answer exist, god of that town god also does not know whereaboutldirection, the story that becomes people at one's leisure.
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