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Village of travel of folk-custom of port in relief village
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Port in relief village is located in Qiu Jiadian of Tai'an environs area to press down, from Tai'an the city zone 17 kilometers. North depends on a father-in-law, river of Na Bin big short of Wenshui River. Whole village shares 330 other peoples 1100 people, folkway of primitive simplicity is pure and honest. In September 1982, japanese joint company comes this inspects rural couplet to produce contract make a circumstance, what pulled open port in relief village to recieve foreign friend from this is prelusive. Thenceforth rises, recieved bridge of chairman of Communist Party of minister of Korea forestry ministry, Senegal, Japan in succession of the person such as this city mayor call in. Enter 90 time, open up of bureau of Tai'an city tourism amorous feelings of farmhouse of port in relief village swims. Villager home decorated foreign guest to recieve a room, installed solar energy water heater, rebuilt clean healthful toilet. 97 years in September, one of dots of travel of 4 folk-custom amorous feelings that port in relief village becomes national tourism bureau to name in the whole nation with its distinct advantage. From now on, more abroad tourists walked into the life of person of port in relief village.

Come to port in relief village, have Chinese north full-bodiedly the folk-custom picture of bright characteristic is met immediately greet, there is a string of gold yellow corn that strings together heavy on the tree, there is a string to string together bright red chili on the wall, . Walk into which casually, what can appreciate the villager is honest and honest and kind. Amorous feelings of port in relief village travels, participating in again, experiencing again, communicating again. The tourist can be mixed housewife knead dough together, boiled dumpling of face of chop stuffing, roll, bag; Also can sit before kitchen, the dot removes firewood, spread out on griddle the Tai'an thin pancake made of millet flour of a piece of Bao Ruchan ala. Spring kind autumn harvest, in port this world Zhuang Kexue does various homes to live. Spring can drive ox to go farmland; The summer can wear straw hat to cut the wheat of golden color; Autumn day can carry basket basket on the back to pick an apple to the orchard; Although wintry leisure time, also can surround beside warm furnace with host, lao the daily life of a family, make up mad basket, be in harmony of its Le Rong.

The port in relief village nowadays, already more than 150 are achieved recieve a standard, can admit a tourist at the same time 300 more than person. If the project that already developed carries small cake of thin pancake made of millet flour of bridal sedan chair, get married get married, booth, bag, fishing, picnic, drive ball game of large part, basket to wait to be able to visit 8 days of above for the tourist and do not feel wearily. It resembles a magnet, attracted the tourist that comes from far and near. Recieve tourism group every year more than 20, tourist 300 more than person.

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