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Bank the city is no-no
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Churchyard contraindication is very much, basically be in a country, and colour of much blind faith. Night of the New Year's Eve, avoid makes a racket, ban beat and scold the child, bag boiled dumpling cannot say " broken " , " be over " two words, year the five watches of the night is banned say to cut off the water supply. At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year one, avoid to water is spilled outside the door.

The first month of the lunar year does not move needlework, do not push grind grind. Avoid empty boiler, meal hind puts a steamed bread or water of one gourd ladle. New son's wife the first time walk along a married woman's parents' home, contraindication answers husband's family afternoon. Newly-married inside 3 years, contraindication of new son's wife crosses the first month of the lunar year in a married woman's parents' home 15 with the day that fill a storehouse, ban those who eat a married woman's parents' home dried meat 8 cake, ban the child is born in a married woman's parents' home, stranger of unripe child avoid if room. Borrow pail to remand empty bucket should carry a pail of water or cannot carry a shoulder to carry. Lend medical boiler general don't bother to see me out, will take by him owner, avoid of dregs of a decoction pours gate mouth, want to fall toward far. Go out avoid " black talk day " . Avoid is in every months first one, 15 sunrise far door is too old. Explore patient avoid takes heavy filial piety, avoid afternoon or in the evening visit. Person be pregnant is celebrated, avoid wears mourning dress to be like the door. Kettle mouth is unfavorable to the guest. Chopstick contraindication inserts rice bowl continuously. Marriage day cannot be in surely birthday. Marry contraindication belongs to look look gram, avoid this life year marry, the avoid in road of get married get married encounters funeral arrangement, try evasive. Shop avoid turns over abacus buy, close call sell the door. Avoid of sail a boat says " break up " word and " bastard " , day of day of shoe avoid bottom is basked in on the boat. 100 years old of avoid say the age 100 years old, weigh ninety-nine.

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