Beijing happy cereal the world of another god unreal
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Imitate of Beijing happy cereal pursues

In the southeast of Beijing 4 annulus boundary, have the land of a hollowness. People discovers surprisingly recently, on this ground suddenly without foundation " grow " a forest. There are a lot of headrooms in the forest orbit, gigantic arm, giant gods and spirits is statuary wait for mud of large steel molten iron to build, be He Fang after all divine in this be born?

Target 1: Why be happy cereal

Do not hit explore not to know, set off one another so the happy cereal at the back of 4 annulus greenbelt already start working 4 years long! Happy cereal is Eden of zoology of a large theme, invest construction by group of overseas Chinese city. Whole garden area by Ma of firth forest, Yatelandisi, lose lira of elegant, harbor love musical instrument, sweet case is mixed 6 themes section becomes ant kingdom. Every theme area uses contemporary high-tech method, with " vivid environmental design tells about story of a theme, offer the Eden that has dreamy effect and ultimate experience for the tourist.

As Chinese investment is the at present largest, most internationalization, modern thematic zoology Eden, beijing is happy cereal general this year summer vacation time opens to the outside world formally, had built 70 % at present.

Target 2: The different region amorous feelings of happy Gu Li

The 6 big civilized themes of happy Gu Li, wait for a variety of forms with building, sculpture, gardens, mural, performance, through more than 50 place expression of culture landscape and thematic zoology setting comes out: Elegant pyramid of city, Ma mixes the South-American forest of lose, Greek small town, sweet Baladaji the Temple of God of Baal.

Those who be worth approbation is, these civilized duplicate, not be the building of financial capacity of the sort of coarse, draw a forced analogy, wasteful manpower, sculpture absolutely. For " result from live and prep above lives " , garden area architect heads for the country such as Greek, Mexico to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot for many times. In building a process, yatelandisi should do a break on scene area structure, the trend of break of disclosure of the architect after been do has be contrary to the true state of affairs, then resolutely redo of do poorly done work over again. Below so excelsior high level, happy garden is really outstanding.

Be in on foot finishing the garden area of 70 % , not be the hill that the lake that did not dig good does not have pile to come namely everywhere. Even if is such, preliminary and finishing building has made a person have the feeling with colourful Jing: Region of tremendous, dream, mysterious, different, delicate. Had been opposite originally the reporter of artificial Eden disinclination, also can't help beginning to expect finishing arrival of that day.
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