Chinese shipping development displays a house [Shandong Yantai]
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Chinese shipping development displays a house to be located in inside building of peace and tranquility, set ancient time, contemporary two display hall, display an area 240 square metre, display period of our country each history representative shipping model more than 50. First floor displays hall for bireme ship, display the canoe before 5000, the Eastern Han Dynasty to fight naval vessel, Sui Dailong boat, Tang Dynasty the boat model such as You Fang, bright Dai Zheng and treasure boat, clear acting flier more than 20. Modern boats and ships displays 2 buildings hall displays money of contemporary battleship, steamer, You Lun, customer to roll the boat model such as outfit annulus more than 30, emersion of systematic figure ground the development course of technology of our country shipbuilding, bona fide mirrorred our country modern shipbuilding technology is in marine, traffic, marine development, deep-sea fishing, science makes an on-the-spot investigation, the huge action that develops in the domain such as national defence modernization. This house is opened at building on May 26, 1996, it is country's current and only shipping development displays a house, display model and norms to all belong to home top-ranking, the historical connotation that industry of shipbuilding of disinter our country grows is sent on deeper administrative levels, it is the good place that undertakes patriotism revolution tradition, national defence and popular science education.

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