Zhen Yang door [Shandong Yantai]
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Of city of water of a fabled abode of immortals south the door is Zhen Yang door, it sits south the Northern Dynasties, build at Ming Hongwu 9 years, an arch over a gateway is long bridge, put door hole only. 1987 repair, door hole vault, 3 meters wide, tall 5. 3 meters, enter deep 13. 75 meters, door hole upper part is being embedded " Zhen Yang door " a horizontal inscribed board, for book of Wu Zunren place. An arch over a gateway is two attic, exterior three-layer upturned eaves (common says " 3 water " ) , roofing cut into a mountain, fu glazed tile, backbone buy 6 animal, brim horn issues department wind-bell, an arch over a gateway all around for bright corridor, an underside and city wall Qi Gao, the side outside bright corridor is north and south battlements, 2 duouble-eaved roof, there is wooden fence to surround between bright corridor column. Zhen Yang door each rehabilitate city wall makes an appointment with two side 50 meters, build before the door have square of 5000 square metre. From 1989 only then, opening ceremony of annual talkfest of trade of classics of a fabled abode of immortals all goes in this action. World tourism day ascended activity of celebration of state ancient city to also hold the ceremony that greet guest here 1991.

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