Dragon hill island
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Ancient for short for Zhejiang Province on the west scenic spot. 1959 autumn, because install river reservoir newly to build store water, long Shan became dragon hill island. Dragon hill island is apart from honest to install 5.5 kilometers of county, gross area 525 mus. The Cang Long that because insular appearance is like a Fu to lie,is about to fly, get a name so. Small golden hill of well of iron of bridge of balladry " tung, " of hill of vivid dragon of stone gorge academy of classical learning, point to here.

Ancestral temple of luck having the sea is built on the island, at the break earth at the beginning of 1985, 1986 summerly completion complete. New ancestral temple is the bricky timberwork of type of hall courtyard syncretic, floor area 625 square metre, upturned eaves becomes warped horn, draw a vulture bridge, elegance of of primitive simplicity, air is capacious. Antechamber has tablet corridor high, give the literary work from Gu Jin a person of academic or artistic distinction mostly, attract tourist most with tablet of word of " birthday " especially; Hall vertical stroke has the statue of height of Hai Ruijiu feet after, control two walls and deserve to hang the traditional Chinese painting that accomplishment treats before one group mirrors Hairuisheng. Rebuild sea luck ancestral temple, aim to visit the sea for common people fair. The clean-fingered achievement in one's post of luck of permanent souvenir sea, ancient Buddhist monastic discipline of remote of so as to is close, alarm world Yo person, for civilian benefit.

From Hai Rui ancestral temple ascends the stairs, all the way charactizing a fine spring day, forest fresh green, make an appointment with a 500 class stone rank trail can arrive directly at peaceful Gu Zhonglou. The buy inside the building coulds there be Dai Tiezhong, tourist but while in high spirits bumps into Zhong Mi interest, yi Ke looks at the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, 1000 insular lakes of county of the look into the distance that lie between water press down heroic posture, appreciate worldly and rare world beautiful scenery one time.

Liaison man of dragon hill island

From 1000 islands lake travel commercial and transportation center heads for this tourist attraction by ship, time is 2 hours about

Dragon hill island lodges

Dragon has dragon hill guesthouse on hill island, samSung class, the room of of all kinds class is all ready, between the standard 280 yuan / day, average room 60 yuan, situation is admirable all round the scenery is beautiful it is the first selection that enters.

Cate of dragon hill island

The dish type sort that the dining-room of area of scene of dragon hill island manages is all ready, taste is pure, the price is not expensive also, consume on average each 20- - 40 yuan OK big full profess to convinced, main name dish: Green is burned holothurian, gather up Li of dried scallop of original case abalone, lotus, blast is yellow, white gather up razor clam of squid, clove, cut beautiful prawn, Yan to explode snakehead flower, leek fries sea intestines.
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