Palace of apotheosis You Le [Shandong Yantai]
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Palace of apotheosis You Le covers an area of 3000 square metre, invest nearly 8 million yuan, 15 tourist attractions are installed in all inside field, it is afterwards achieves what countrywide travel views and admire most, of artistic attainment tall, build the fast travel tourist attraction of speed, open formally on November 18 at 93 years.

Palace of apotheosis You Le is with China classic language formal name used at school is written " apotheosis historical novel " in the story of be apt to of evil raise of punish of tooth of Jiang Zi of Zhou Wu king and prime minister is subject matter, revealed the world of divine evil spirit of a group of bewitching random dance, bizarre and motley to you, there is emperor here bright the shrine of female Wa, ghastly bloodcurdling Xuan Yuan is graveyard, the building picking a star of conjure up a host of demons to make trouble, these setting are beautiful art of will modern dance and current reputation, report, smooth the technology is clever be united in wedlock, form a group of organic and whole character plastic arts, the character modelling of elegant brushwork, scenic, prop, behavioral freely, lifelike, get you to be seen for fast.  

Palace of apotheosis You Le lodges

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