Zhang Yu group [Shandong Yantai]
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Limited company of Yantai Zhang Yu group its predecessor was 1892 by our country Zhang Bi of latter-day and patriotic overseas Chinese person the company of Yantai Zhang Yu brew that the gentleman establishs, already had 100 old histories up to now. She is manufacturer of the first industrialized production vinous of Chinese, also be China and even Asia's at present oldest wine produces management enterprise. Group company is shown for the country large (one) enterprise, have a worker 4000 more than person, total assets 2.29 billion yuan, net assets 1.48 billion yuan, main product has bishop, brandy, bubbly, health care wine, medium liquor of officinal, food, mineral water and glass make bottle of 8 old series a few breed, year productivity more than tons 80 thousand, popular whole nation sells as far as to the product more than 20 nations of world such as Malaysia, United States, Holand, Belgian, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and area.

1997 up to now, zhang Yu group received 5 relevant enterprises early or late with the form of annex, combination, transfer, the comprehensive strength of the group expands further. Current, zhang Yu group already managed business development to become by single bishop production give priority to with bishop brew, in abundant of wine of market health protection the liquor of officinal development development, food and alcohol treatment, foreign trade, decoration that pack, machining, traffic is carried, the group of large omnibus company that glass makes bottle be equal to an organic whole, have to accuse appear on the market company, one accuses 4 share company, wholy-owned subsidiary and a branch.

Since reforming and opening, the company is with the market oriented, it is a center with benefit, give priority to a line in order to develop innovation, big thrust innovates into the technology and manage innovation, raise quality of enterprise in the round, make the company maintained health, steadily development impetus, economic benefits has every year relatively substantially rise. Realized sales revenue 2000 1.66 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 350 million yuan, compare respectively the corresponding period grew 22% last year, 38.6% .

According to the investigation of national authority orgnaization, 1997-2000 year the integrated market of Zhang Yu product is had rate is successive industry of wine of 4 years of certain room the first, achieved 2000 19.99% . Group company early or late by the country light industrial total meeting awards light industry of " whole nation province of Shandong of preeminent company " , " Shandong of " of company of star of one light industry, " saves the title such as " of industry of arms of the person at the head of a procession of one light industry.   
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