Relative afterwards smooth memorial archway, ancestral temple [Shandong Yantai]
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Middle of the street before relative afterwards smooth memorial archway, ancestral temple is located in a fabled abode of immortals to shrewdness east the ancestral temple of side relative family name, it is Ming Chongzhen 8 years for v&v compliment Qi Jiguang is built, meaning grant the forehead to clain merit, hind repair 46 years again at Qing Kangxi. Whole ancestral temple is construction of domestic temple type, 3 enter compound, gatehouse, ancestral temple each 3, cover an area of 595. 1 square metre. Gatehouse sits the east on the west, the two side outside the door have stone lion each one honour, appear in court to be tried is to the south of gatehouse, appear in court to be tried sits the east on the west, the corridor before having. Screen stands in the middle of appear in court to be tried, qi Jiguang picture is hanged on, the exhibit inside appear in court to be tried has saber (on the knife quarter have " 10 thousand all previous ascend city relative family name 10 years " wait for model of written characters) , composing " Ji Xiaoxin book " , " training solid period " , " stop stop hall collect " etc, and the Qi Jiajun that Qi Jiguang leads in those days of edible " smooth cake " , the content such as crossed battle boots. Qi Jiguang memorial archway shares two, be located in in memorial archway of city of a fabled abode of immortals street thing two end, it is east " Mu Zijie filial piety " lane, it is on the west " governor of father and son " lane, ming Jiajing 44 years, the imperial court expresses relative family name for an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast familial and build. Two in the bookshops are apart from 140 meters, all be 4 column 3 type give lane of stone carving of granite of brim much backbone, tall 9. 5 meters, wide 8. 3 meters, enter deep 2. 7 meters, up and down 3 lane, each have two lane between side, part the design such as birds and beasts of vulture decoration wood, there is much travel word among two lane. Lofty of two memorial archway is forceful, imposing manner is grand, composition of a picture is plump, vulture engrave is careful, have very high history value and artistic value, it is home's scarce bright generation curiosa of large stone carving.

Traffic of Qi Jiguang memorial archway, ancestral temple

The square before door of Zhen Yang of a fabled abode of immortals has trailer coach to leave for Qi Jiguang native place, early 8 ∶ 00 only then hair, a hour of one regular bus.

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