Arhat Jing Xiang [Shandong Yantai]
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Be in south, city of boreal dry moat outside a city wall between 2 islands east side, have one tremendous reef, wall of bare cliff gold, wan Re wraps around personally the old monk of cassock, the both hands put the palms together, wirh fixed attention that shut eye, face on the west and sit, its northeast also has one reef, color reddish brown is green, shape is like censer, on furnace inclined establish one wall Shi Yan, just be like half column incomplete sweet, person is " censer reef " , path 2 reef thing is corresponding, look far, be exactly like an old Seng Zaiqian sincere ground burns igneous Jing Xiang, pray the ship that Nereus blesses pass by is restful. This arhat respects popular view, all through the ages is the one great marvellous spectacle of long island, zhu Dao of travel coxswain island swims 3 days, arrangement has sightseeing arhat to respect popular item, passenger liner of the island that multiply annulus comes south, island of city of boreal dry moat outside a city wall, yi Ke witnesses this one wonderful view by column.

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