Gu hill [Shandong Yantai]
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Gu hill is Shui Li's birthplace, be located in countryside of Taichun county peace, it is peaceful formerly elegant a group of things with common features get together fall. Pear hill teems with a fruit not only, picture of mountains and rivers-land is famous also China and foreign countries. Have the agricultural landscape with natural gorge, chute, lofty mountains, reservoir and rich 豊. 2000 meters control pear hill elevation, average temperature makes an appointment with the summer 24 degrees, winter is in 4 degrees 0 times the following, reason is away for the summer holidays for summer, winter admires the resort of snow, this area is vegetables and fruits teems with the ground more, especially temperate zone fruit if the name such as pear, honey peach, apple and tall cold vegetable hears complete province.

Rows of mountains of pear hill heavy hill surrounds meantime, hill color is gallant, the mainest fortified point closes farm of hill of hill of beauty spot, pear, fierce with cereal, fu Shoushan farm, 4 foothold are given priority to. If can temporary 拋 opens life of city noisy and annoying, to pear hill beauty spot, throw the bosom of nature, enjoy green provide dinner for banquet, sincere to adjust body and mind optimal charge, recreational brigade. Pear hill is in horizontal highway midpoint, it is the centre of gravity that sightseeing travels, also be on-line of pear hill scenery rests foothold, have the modern establishment such as official business and business travel, in returning to natural sound, it is the high mountain town with one advantaged place. No matter first sun rays in the morning or dusk are illuminated, make a person everywhere relaxed and happy, management guesthouse hostel has more than 20, hill of nocturnal old pear can be enjoyed contemporary the union with nature.

Spring spends Hai Chenglang, summertime gains again and again, autumn maple is red piece, winter white snow is pure white, fresh air and beautiful scenery of the four seasons, can make a person really prolong life. Toward Fu Shoushan entrance one kilometer is in, cultural relic of setting pear hill displays a house, hill of detailed data, pear reclaims project of development of highway of the horizontal stroke in the exhibition history, Ji Taiya of zoology of pear hill nature cultural relic of afterbirth of a group of things with common features hill, development of flourish civilian plantation reachs full of beautiful things in eyes of marble work of art, in making the person that look around right, horizontal highway and pear hill have deeper understanding.

Gu hill is located in Ai Shan of churchyard of city of a fabled abode of immortals in 7 kilometers place, gu hill is apart from urban district of a fabled abode of immortals 38 kilometers, it is the bound hill of glow of mouth of a fabled abode of immortals, dragon, dwell, hill situation is forceful and abrupt, strange stone is bony, have " glue Dong Xiaohua hill " praise. Gu Shan Shuangfeng rises, enter high in the clouds high, na Gu altitude 510 meters, shan Dian has Long Xingsi, shang Cunjin generation engraves stone to be in more. Boreal Gu altitude 542 meters, have two mountain-climbing passageway, one of suitable megalith cliff are unoccupied place, winding and go up, the road is narrow slope is steep, common says " ladder mouth " ; It is the Pan Shi road of artificial cut secondly, road a side faces cliff head continuously, extremely arduous. Shan Dian is even, have the top that insert a banner, drink Ma Wan, on the west tourist attraction and the ancient time such as mound of v/arc drill ground, dragon, garden stool station troops footmark. Gu Shan Jifeng blames mountain, cliff hangs mural high and steep, gu is very cloud-kissing, mist often says to wind around all around, reason has " Gu of Na Gu north, lie between day of one pace " say. Yo of the seal a moutain pass after founding a state forest, grow Song Zhiguo, forest land area soars, arbor is given priority to with Hei Song, as the tree age grow, with line of look of Gu hill strange stone, view and admire value rising ceaselessly. Immense forest is boundless and indistinct, pediment is boundless, landscape is fascinating, then annual when Chun Xiazhi, tourist in an endless stream, initiative already form visit scene area.
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