Beacon hill park [Shandong Yantai]
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Beacon hill park, be located in county the eastpart part, from dock 3 kilometers are in. Hill of the beacon in the park is the apogee of long island county, because bright generation fights Qi Jiguang of famous general of an old name for Japan to inbreak to prevent maritime Japanese pirates, built peak fire stage here, this gets reason renown. Come now insular tourist calls it accipitral hill commonly, because the summit is built,have carve of eagle of one huge body, be long island is indicative, yao look into the distance goes, lifelike, volant be about to fly, the long island that indicative reform times flies. What Yellow Sea sunrise still watchs here is grand the gorgeous optimal place that reachs Bohai Sea sunset.

Build on the 2nd height of beacon hill the bird exhibits a house, "Bird cabinet be high up in the air " before a horizontal inscribed board hangs the door high, it is the mark that the bird exhibits a house. Specimens of all sorts of change apprentice migrant inside the island grow to amount to hundreds kinds showpiece now inside the house, in recent years, this house expands exhibited a house to still raise eagle, swan to wait, and many 300 serpent is viewed and admire for tourist. The park always covers an area of a face to accumulate 300 mus, it is our country what the north and south that await an island migrates is natural " midway dak " , include a country among them one, what 2 class protect is avian 40 a variety of, sino-Japanese two countries awaits an island 227 kinds of safeguard agreement avian, long island has 156 kinds namely. The country built migrant to protect a center in hill north 1988, in May 1988, long island is labelled by the State Council natural groove guard.

Area of scene of hill of   beacon, be located in southeast long island county, it is the main component of park of groove guard of nature of class of home of long country consisting of one or more islands and national forest, only then built 1984, it is collect hill, forest, scene of bird Yu Yiyuan and uprise, view, admire bird, science and education to travel at the commanding elevation of an organic whole area, to grow one of two scene areas with the earliest island, have " north has half moon bay, there is beacon hill south " say, had recieved party and 10 several country leader early or late. Main tourist attraction has: House of garden of bird cabinet, deer park, snake, vivid bird, beautiful stone is exhibited. Main landscape includes: Bird cabinet be high up in the air, long wind 10 thousand lis, " beacon Shan Feibao " , " the eagle attacks vast sky " , " sea of male lion explore " etc.

Area of immense forest scene, get a name because of capacious sea, thick woods. Be located in long island the city zone most Na Duan, it is whole town's the the most pure and fresh, most peaceful, most mysterious place. It depends on hill make use of condition, make by the sea, to grow an island " the Three Kingdoms " landscape (scenery of level of park of forest of level of groove guard of national level nature, state, state scenic spot area) delegate, be called " condensed elfland, expanded miniascape " , hand in with yellow Bohai Sea collect be in famed far and near, because content of negative oxygen ion is high,be called again " natural oxygen " , it is area of travel of the recuperate resort of rare, zoology, in the country be labelled in assess of first grade of travel scene area " 3A " scene area.
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