Aquaria [Shandong Yantai]
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Aquaria is located in the aquaria of a side of the Duan Dong austral the street, front door faces Xiaohai, use archaize style to build, showroom of specimen of aquaria, aquatic and accessary tourist attraction are divided to get together inside Asgard 3 parts, visited here to admire marine biology scene already to the tourist, can understand aquatic biology and marine and scientific knowledge again. Side of the north inside front door is aquaria, divide a building monomer, it is firstly view and admire corridor, the design is corridor of horizontal water casing, be particular about is stereo view and admire the effect, set illume, fill oxygen, air adjustment, Shui Tiheng lukewarm, change the system such as water, exhibit a marine animal and fresh water fish in all a variety of 60 nearly 1000 end. View and admire corridor north end to have casing of water of one large and panoramic type, artificial tide, tide, exhibit a marine migration fish technically. Aquatic specimen showroom exhibits an area 56 square metre, divide 6 special subject, exhibit in all the specimen 241, photograph more than 80, the precious in showing our country and sea of lake of world river river systematically is rare rare aquatic animal, volume interest sex, knowledge sex at an organic whole, it is an enjoy and the good place that grow knowledge.

Aquaria traffic

From railway station direction: Can multiply 26, 316, 304, 223, 321, 501 the travel before waiting for a bus to get off to station of Lu Xun park 200 meters can. From all directions long-distance station direction: Can take 15 to get off to station of bathhouse of the first seawater.
Drive oneself: From aid blueness high speed or green yellow high speed arrive Qingdao paragraph hind turn green silver-colored high speed, hai Erlu goes after giving high speed mouth, seaside of road of edge the East China Sea to westing Hong Kong the road goes to world of Qingdao sea floor on the west.

Aquaria cate

The prawn here fries foam of Chinese cabbage, flesh holothurian taste is good, other seafood are done quite well also, want to take bit of silver to just go more nevertheless, and should go earlier, do not have a place late, very good seafood shop is in Qingdao, and traffic is convenient, suggest everybody goes trying.

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