Alarmingly dangerous You Lecheng [Shandong Yantai]
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Alarmingly dangerous You Lecheng is located in ancient building of cabinet of a fabled abode of immortals group on the west the alarmingly dangerous You Lecheng of side, for structure of flat-roofed type concrete, cover an area of 1300 square metre, complete is open 1993, cost 2 million yuan. This You Lecheng includes valley of large area hall, sea monster, the Crystal Palace, black serpent blast, palace of any of the twelve animals of demon hall, celestial bodies, 9 black confuse the 7 parts such as the country to comprise, in all 20 many setting, combine contemporary photoelectricity technology, build situation add lustre to, make whole visit a process visional, fancy, alarmingly dangerous.   
Traffic of alarmingly dangerous You Lecheng

In Yantai city town passenger station takes car of 46 travel special railway line to be able to arrive on the west, fare 8 yuan, the journey a hour.

Alarmingly dangerous You Lecheng lodges

Around accommodation recommends a condition passable and the abode of cheap material benefit -- the tourism bureau guesthouse that is located in on You Lecheng, the standard room of color television of this inner tube, air conditioning and toilet wants 100 yuan to control only, attitude of attending to guests is good.

Cate of alarmingly dangerous You Lecheng

You Lecheng has not little snack bar, optional chaffy dish and gust of north and south were set inside small feed a formula... assemble 16 kinds of north and south are celebrated and fastfood, yangzhou fries line of meal, curry beef meal, rice crossing the bridge to wait. Basically OK and contented China and foreign countries is of all kinds the tourist's demand.

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