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Qingdao, Hai Yang, a fabled abode of immortals natural hot spring swims 4 days
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Program journey lodges
D1: Qingdao receives a group, visit hill of Lao of Taoism name hill, you Quanzhen teachs the world the 2nd forest old person of stone of waterfall of pool of river of too clear palace, 8 water, dragon, frog, stone, field of Dong Jianghai product; Qingdao urban district: — of division of construction of the indicative — landing stage of hundred years Qingdao, each country 8 close greatly, sculpture of road of the East China Sea —— of hill of a street, 54 square, signal looks down at greenery is red the Qingdao of blue sky of made of baked clay, blue sea the appearance of a city, by houseboat caique of hill of small fish of —— of maritime view Qingdao, small Qingdao, 2008 Olympic Gameses compares bay of hill of on the surface of competition ground land. Qingdao
D2 goes to this world that go to the sea by the car, visit “ to go vacationing games of beach of Asia of ” of heaven, recreational home advocate competition ground -- Hai Yang 10 thousand meters of beach, paddle steps billow; Have dinner of farmhouse small courtyard, full taste glue east the farmhouse game big food of characteristic, to cherry cereal to one's heart's content admire oriental cherry, picked big cherry (in May —6 month) . The car goes to Chinese fruit afternoon - dwell glow (give hot spring to wash bath) dwell Xia Wenquan goes vacationing village
D3 car goes to a fabled abode of immortals, you Meili fokelore eights saints go across the sea scene area, exterior of cabinet of Yuan Guanpeng Lai, the car watchs the appearance of a city of Yantai developing zone, center of visiting Yantai marine science and technology. Glamour Yantai goes sightseeing, seaside road, 100 barge are contended for shed littoral square, landing stage, view Yantai of Yantai hill exterior or raise Ma Dao
D4 goes to power sea by the car, ascend not heavy battleship Liu fair island by ship, division of water of visiting the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning is prefectorial division of water of museum of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 of government office — , the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning is fourth the temple of the Dragon King of sea of hold a memorial ceremony for of division of water of Ru Changyu place, the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning,

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