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The hill austral dragon mouth swims one day
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Early 8: 00 set out, 9: 30 to the hill austral dragon mouth (distance makes an appointment with 80 kilometers) . Road listens the tourist guide explains Yantai travel general situation. 10: 00 begin to visit a country area of first scene of AAAA stage travel - south area of hill travel scene: View world is the biggest sit Buddha -- south Shandafo (38.66 meters tall, weigh 380 tons) , the chiliad historic site such as center of hut of temple of hall of Buddhist museum, 10 thousand Buddha, buddhist, perfume, ancient culture. 14: 00 ends, look around afternoon south bishop of hill wine place of business fort, tourist shopping centers, return Yantai, the end is happy and itinerary
Recieve a standard:
1, traffic: Trailer coach of air conditioning going there and back
2, entrance ticket: Place row tourist attraction is the biggest entrance ticket;
3, have dinner: Do not contain eat
4, tourist guide: Whole journey is outstanding the tourist guide serves;
5, give travel agent responsibility to be sure 80 thousand yuan / person
Note: If encounter national policy sex to move valence nucleus to receive price difference, the charge that causes because of the force majeure element such as natural disaster provides for oneself.

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