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Yantai, a fabled abode of immortals, power sea swims two days
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The first day: Receive a group early, go to a fabled abode of immortals by the car, visit shop of city of cabinet of temple of the Dragon King of —— of beauty spot of cabinet of a fabled abode of immortals, a fabled abode of immortals, water, ancient boat, the Eight Immortals in the legend crosses scene area (provide for oneself)----The building of bridge of the Eight Immortals in the legend, Wang Ying, altar that do obeisance to celestial being.
Stay in Yantai
The following day: Go to power sea early by the car, enter Liu Gong island by ship, the swing inside the island. Freedom of city of dress of the Korea after lunch shops, return bathhouse of bay of sea route of Yantai car You Bin, moon, international exhibition center, the first seawater, afternoon 16: 00 medicinal powder round, end the brigade of pleasant harbor city!

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