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A fabled abode of immortals is polar the world swims one day
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08:00 minutes: Mill of  of languid of an ancient nationality in China paying ǖ shows ⒊ to arrange skip to be Shan of the She nationality that invade Jie the tourist guide on car of  Qian? organizes an activity. A hour arrives at a fabled abode of immortals
09:30 minutes:  backbone Shao Ci however  Gui stops all sorts of? aquaria, view and admire the Asia's biggest " cylinder house of house of chelonian of crock " , chiliad, shark house, marine science and technology, the China that browse's longest chunnel, the dolphin sea lion that appreciation provides distinctive merman performance and assemble interest sex is performed.
12:00 minutes: Cover coerce?
12:45 minutes: Tuan of miscellaneous cover with a straw mat of Qian of billows of faint of Q moth  ?
14:00: Does  mill arrange skip to hold high push anxious end does dried meat bring a case to court of  of  of  of Tuan of miscellaneous cover with a straw mat hurt mow?
15:15 minutes: Arrange the travel that pounds flute to iron? to end happy a fabled abode of immortals.

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