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A fabled abode of immortals, Yu Jiale length an island swims 2 days
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1, quote contains a tourist attraction home of fishing of long island of the first entrance ticket, accommodation (2-5 world, communal toilet) , early in the morning uses a fabled abode of immortals of car, Yantai inside 2 prandial cost, long island expenses of transportation going there and back, go to sea steamer ticket of cost, long island going there and back, ground receives tourist guide service
2, attend come loose to the guest that the guest spells a group is entered ahead of schedule or be delayed, collection accommodation is expended, do not receive station of station don't bother to see me out
3, children 1.1 meters the following, do not occupy bed, car do not collect fees, other charge provides for oneself; Expenses of food of half price of collection of children 1.1-1.3 rice, do not occupy bed, car, other charge provides for oneself
4, the tourist attraction visits ordinal likelihood to adjust, if tourism group encounters the objective reason that cannot defy (weather, lose, casualties, old liaison man) delay the journey, our company can assist processing, place happening charge is respected ask a guest to provide for oneself
5, the influence that because element of national policy, market adjusts charge,our company withhold
6, journey price allows with thinking truly, round fund expenses advances please
7, this travel activity comes loose by place guest travel combine is in charge of recieving visit

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