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Yantai tourism group appears Dalian Dong Bo to be able to be publicized recommen
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Our newspaper Yantai dispatch reporter will learn from bureau of Yantai city tourism a few days ago on October 9, save people government, Liaoning to save the unit such as tourism bureau to undertake by bureau of Chinese country tourism, Liaoning " exposition of travel of international of East Asia of the 5th Dalian " will hold in Dalian on October 10, yantai city will organize each county urban district relevant travel company joins meeting cloth to exhibit.

At the appointed time, yantai city recommends conduct propaganda travel resource and urban image, take the opportunity invite company of Dalian place travel and global ginseng to exhibit an orgnaization to attend to will be held in Yantai October " the Asia is recreational go vacationing travel exposition " .

Bencibo sees the international travel grand meeting that can be East Asia area, setting international standard is exhibited more than 1000, will the viatic business that comes from area of country and the middle east such as Japan, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, United States, France and our country Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, airline attends exhibit meeting. At the same time Chinese home each province, city, municipality travels society of bureau, travel also will attend the meeting. Still will hold travel to explain meeting, hind the travel such as forum of period of Olympic Games travel is special activity. It is reported, ginseng of this second Yantai travel exhibits a group to will book 10 international standard to exhibit, undertake will be holdinged in smoke October with Dalian city " the Asia is recreational go vacationing travel exposition " crossing-over is exhibited, integral tube-shaped part is publicized, recommend Yantai travel figure.

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