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Zhejiang: Travel agent rolls out heat of the old age in seeing special railway l
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To look of look of village of North Jiangsu Huaxi reforming and opening brings up " the world the first village " , to Changshu Jiang Hangcun sees the new features of new-style country. This year is reforming and opening 30 years, after National Day, hangzhou has travel agent to roll out happy event see circuitry of travel of special subject of new change of reforming and opening, be held in both hands by citizen heat, time of brief a week the set is full two groups, those who attend is medium mostly old people.

Circuitry of these special subject travel are short line more, for instance Hua Xicun, Nantong swims 2 days, creek of Jiang Hangcun, sanded home swims 2 days. Hua Xicun has " the world the first village " good name, the highway is widened over there, villatic and bristly, domestic door mouth is lawn garden, your National People's Congress is shock, here or country? The country in here and people brain was built simply not above. Nowadays, this wealthy country has become a lively travel tourist attraction, a lot of people go there visit, look around, study.

In the journey, the tourist can visit Hua Xicun's village to allow village appearance and industrial garden, sit in farmer home, had sailed by the car have " the world the first inclined pull the bridge " the Su Tong big bridge that say, still can visit tower of Hua Xicun gold, here accumulate containing Hua Xiren to be opposite of rich life yearning and struggle. If luck is enough good, the tourist still can hear the lecture of Wu Renbao of Hua Xicun old village head, how is listening to Hua Xicun on rich road.

Besides the new rural area with the vast change after visitting these reforming and opening, an adjacent travel city still is added in the journey, for instance Nantong or it is sanded home creek, "Such combination are tie-in, can make the journey more a few richer. Can make the journey more a few richer..

Center says the Chen Yuan of manager of department of plan of force of nation of Zhejiang new world that rolls out lines of these special subject travel, these circuitry are very popular. "After our National Day grows a holiday, roll out, inside brief a week the set became full two groups, on October 25, each will have posse on November 1, each 45 people, those who sign up is medium more old people. Those who sign up is medium more old people..

Be born in the Min Jie 1949 to see circuit information, signed up immediately to travel agent. And, she herself signed up not only, still pulled younger sister of a gang young lady to go together. "We this generation person, grow together with new China, had experienced 3 years of great leap forward, difficult period, still should cross educated youth, had issued countryside, particularly sentient to the country. In my impression, the country always is mixed dirty random end is inseparable, had listened to Hua Xicun's introduction, very curious, want to see this neat, rich socialism new rural area very much. "
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