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Hainan will hold trade fair of travel of the 6th China International in November
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Xinhua net big talk on October 11 special telegram (reporter Zhou Huimin) the reporter learns from bureau of tourism of big talk city, "The 6th 2008 China (big talk) international travel trade fair " will on November 14 - the center can be exhibited 17 days to hold in big talk city.

China (big talk) international travel trade fair is annual tourism great event. As we have learned, current " brigade is handed in meeting " wait besides food of things of setting handicraft, travel, travel outside exhibiting an area, the organizing committee added houseboat high-quality goods, golf especially newly to exhibit an area. Up to now, the many countries such as Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Australia sign up before forming a delegation, will join exhibit, company of many 200 travel also will join more than 20 province city of countrywide such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Tianjin, Yunnan, Sichuan exhibit, taiwan chamber of commerce will organize company of goods of travel of mainland of many 60 Taiwan to be joined on a special trip exhibit, additionally still enterprise of many 90 cate exhibits skill in area of cate of international amorous feelings, predicting ginseng exhibits gross to will achieve 360.

Current exhibit meeting general to give ginseng exhibit business, purchase business and ginseng meeting audience is built a deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient, double winning communication collaboration and trade platform, outstanding " communication, collaboration, innovation, development " theme, realize the comprehensive breakthrough on dimensions and character.

Up to now, trade fair of China International travel held 5 successfully already, it is current Hainan is exclusive market goods is on sale, the large trade Fair that communication of trade of capital attraction, classics is an organic whole, already became the well-known trademark that consequence provides extremely inside Hainan island to exhibit stage by stage meeting.

Current " brigade is handed in meeting " save tourism bureau to sponsor by government of people of big talk city and Hainan, bureau of tourism of big talk city and investment of big talk travel accuse a group limited company to undertake jointly.

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