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Fisherman of swimming crab bumper harvest adds Lai city fall close
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Glue east online message " autumn wind rises, crab foot is fat " , arrived again what swimming crab of Lai city bay appears on the market is seasonal. Because will undertake large-scale artificial hyperplasia is put for years,flow, the swimming crab of Lai city obtained a bumper harvest this year.

Yesterday morning, the reporter sees in dock of Lai city Zhu Wang, the fisher that busies through one night in succession draw close the shore. Teng uncle is an old skilled person that having old catching experience, go to sea every time now he can come back with fruitful results. Piscatorial Teng uncle tells: One boat can be caught 3, 200 jins. After fishing crosses Fu Jixiu, the our city's greatly small fishing port is lively and extraordinary, resource of fishery of Lai city bay is apparent grow in quantity, especially Lai city the of one swimming crab of 4 seas delicacy, crop increases apparently than in former years.

It is reported, begin from 1994, the maritime and artificial hyperplasia that Lai city undertook the product such as shrimp of car of 3 verrucous swimming crab, jellyfish, Japan successfully is put stream, make the piscatorial resource that ebbing gets complement, lai city hyperplasia is put this year shed swimming crab 18.8 million, 3 verrucous swimming crab were established to plant during Fu Jixiu fishing qualitative resource groove guard, protected the refreshment of swimming crab resource effectively, promoted a fisherman to add close.

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