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Fujian opens two sides of channel travel website to be pushed in all in the stag
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Message of bureau of Fujian Province tourism, center of information of Fujian Province travel entrusts Taiwan journey orgnaization to be built in the stage " net of Fujian channel travel " , debut formally a few days ago try move, taiwan tourist can book those who go to Fujian through the network " channel travels " circuit.

As we have learned, according to the Fujian Province tourism bureau and travel agent of Taiwan male lion sign " agreement of cooperation of strategy of Fujian travel development " , two ground tourism will engineer Fujian stage jointly, the channel travel product that popularizes Fujian and circuitry of high-quality goods travel. Enlightened construction " net of Fujian channel travel " , with the form such as multimedia promotion channel travels, it is this agreement the main collaboration content of the first phase.

According to the Fujian Province travel information center introduces, website of Fujian channel travel is outstanding revealed Taiwan to concern travel agent " on frame " Fujian travel product, taiwan tourist still can be booked to travel agent directly through the website. The website returns means of empty to passing Fujian Taiwan Strait through traffic to went to mainland travel circuitry to undertake intuitionistic demonstrate, attract more Taiwan tourists to go to Fujian travel.

At present Fujian goes to a stage to swim in the light of mainland dweller the market, had made 5 by Fujian maritime the travel circuitry that straight boat goes to a stage; Be aimed at Taiwan tourist at the same time, designed 9 " channel swims " circuit, include blue seaside joy to swim, green zoology is recreational swim, elite of sea of 8 Fujian hill swims, Fujian stage origin searchs a root to swim, religious culture pilgrim swims, Fujian northeast kisses water to swim, folk-custom culture is sought swim, fitness of golf hot spring swims, tea culture preserve one's health swims etc, travel in order to attract more Taiwan brethrens to the mainland, the two-way come-and-go of tourism of stimulative two sides.

Bureau of Fujian Province tourism expresses, issue one phase, fujian will rely on the channel cent of Taiwan journey orgnaization to sell advantage of system and network media, recommend together with Taiwan industry " channel swims " , make Fujian two sides travel the distribution centre that two-way communicating.

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