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Area of Qinghai lake scene establishs cooperation of first farmer major
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"Production of stock raising of zoology of the last of the twelve Earthly Branches of Ha Yi of area of Qinghai lake scene manages professional cooperation " was in a few days ago of Qinghai lakefront drip river town animal produce trades inside the market hang out his shingle formally hold water. This is area of Qinghai lake scene cooperation of major of the first farmer, concerned personage says, this action general becomes rich to driving local farming herdsman to take off deficient, progress of stimulative place economy develops positive effect.
This major cooperation is farming the coadjutant sex economy of freewill combination, democracy management organizes herdsman, will induct actively farming herdsman enters a company, the organization is purchased, the manufacturing data that supplies cooperation member place to need; The organization is bought, the product that sells member production; The carriage that begins member place to need, store up, treatment is packed wait for a service, introduce promotion new technology, new breed, begin a technology to groom, the technology communicates and seek advice from a service. Current, this company already signed the contract that buys 500 yak with the agent large family of Chongqing city; Purchase yak of kind of ram, wild blood to undertake domestic animals reforms.
Protection of area of Qinghai lake scene uses management board to take care of local masses interest adequately in scene area development, active exploration " scene countryside is built in all " new pattern. Industrial and commercial substation is scene area actively the animal produce production of village of haing second the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, treatment, sale, breed make suggestions, begin a service; Encourage conditional village to abandon establish stock raising production to manage professional cooperation, the economic interest of protective farming herdsman, stimulative oneself develops; Establish registration book of farmer major cooperation " green passageway " , the farmer that registers to come round to deal with is offerred " one-stop " service; Execute strictly " 0 collect fees " policy, cogent reduce farmer burden.

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