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"The start of the road with Oriental and maritime stiff silk " Yantai leaves pat
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Be proved extensively through early days and prepare seriously, the TV special subject that does to be engineered jointly with ministry of international of Shandong TV station by the announce outside municipal Party committee piece " the start of the road with Oriental and maritime stiff silk " left in Yantai a few days ago pat, this are made after finishing, centrally TV station 10, column of quadruplet strong archives " exploration • discovers " in broadcast. " exploration • discovers " it is the first large physical geography of Chinese that CCTV company teachs ministry of central culture special subject to roll out and column of humanitarian history newsreel, with the whole world the the most high grade, most wonderful on-the-spot record program guides an audience to explore each corner of the earth from nature and scientific domain, since the portion established in July 2001, maintaining higher viewing rate all the time.

Basis " exploration • discovers " column characteristic and the requirement that make, this special subject piece the below two collect on cent, every collect is controlled 40 minutes. According to book a plan, playwright-director of ministry of international of Shandong TV station is photographed picture already the prefectural town such as mouth of a fabled abode of immortals of leave for different destinations, long island, dragon and Japan, Korea, the historical past of the road start that discovers Oriental and maritime silk is stiff in order to explore and northeast inferior the communication of culture of area politics economy exhibit exploitation to visit for masterstroke film, explain through the expert, account of video record, historical data, the road with this stiff silk is in emersion the bridge bond action that commerce, culture, diplomacy and people move to be developed with the place in blending, apply only beautiful TV show gimmick and sex of knowledge of be in harmony, interest sex, suspense sex the story clue at an organic whole, historical picture scroll presents televiewer.

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