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Meeting Yantai reveals peak of world tourism investment urban travel glamour
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On October 6, 8 days, nearly 400 delegates that come from 37 nations of world and area attended to be held in city of Korea boiler hill " meeting and travel of Asia-Pacific area city promote peak of world tourism investment revitalize an orgnaization (TPO)2008 year forum " the conference. Bureau of Yantai city tourism made a problem be on the meeting " Chinese Yantai, the island with tremendous potential goes vacationing travel invests the ground " thematic speech is recommended, the island travel resource that introduced Yantai city in detail to delegate attending the meeting reachs investment privilege policy, cause the intense echo of the person that attend the meeting.

On this conference, choose via evaluating committee, director of of great capacity of will of gold of bureau of Yantai city tourism is awarded " optimal travel sales promotion leads award " , this also is the exclusive individual award that this second conference issues, TPO always meets gentleman of establish of Xu Na of mayor of city of hill of boiler of chairman, Korea award prize personally.

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