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Add after Olympic Games of tourist of the Hong Kong that go to Beijing 2 see a t
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After the Olympic Games, tourist of the Hong Kong that go to Beijing increased compared to the same period two into. In the Beijing tourism bureau that just ends " walk into Beijing, savour an Olympic Games " in going to harbor travel to sell hurried to recommend an activity, the reporter understands, the enthusiasm that citizen of the Hong Kong after the Olympic Games travels to Beijing is all-time and rising.

Beijing is the popular area of Hongkong's person go on a journey all the time, shared citizen of 310 thousand Hong Kong to go to Beijing to travel last year. How does Wu Xi of vise general manager express department of round business of journey of the brigade in harbor, to Beijing accommodation reachs in pairs of airline ticket price to be reduced considerably now, the number that travels to Beijing increases apparently, the brigade in harbor has viatic group to go to Beijing everyday, round number of average and weekly hair is in 10 above, the corresponding period increased guest flow-rate ratio last year two into. Hong Kong is beautiful China Hui Jun of Pang of vise general manager also expresses ministry of travel agent China, will begin in September from this year, this company goes to Beijing to form a delegation the circumstance warms up quickly, form a delegation on average every week the number is controlled in 50 people, calculate on " free travel " tourist, the amount is more considerable.

The building of sex of two big marks of Beijing Olympic Games is in Hong Kong famous degree achieve 100 percent, become citizen of a lot of Hong Kong to think the Beijing tourist attraction that look most. Many Hong Kong citizens express, although ever had gone to Beijing, but planning old haunt revisit, the tourist attraction that wants to look most is " bird's nest " and " water is cubic " . Travel agent respect also is answering the market actively, the brigade in harbor, Kang Tai, new China, Dong Ying swims waited for travel agent of Hong Kong place to design circuitry of travel of more than 10 Beijing in all, little not " bird's nest " and " water is cubic " .

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